It is in our nature to be friends of Nature!

Since 2002, through its Environmental Management System (UNI EN ISO 14001 certification), L’Erbolario has been committed to minimising the environmental impact of its production activities.

Various solutions have been implemented for this purpose:

  • Zero impact – We have joined the LifeGate Zero Impact® project.
  • Solar thermal – Domestic hot water is produced by solar panels. Moreover, at our San Grato facility, we adopt multiple and diverse “ecological” solutions.
  • Energy savings – In 2012, we inaugurated a new Logistics Centre with an area of 25,000 sq. m., designed and built with the intention of maximising energy savings through the use of efficient self-production energy systems from renewable sources (solar and geothermal energy).
  • Very short production chain – Having always been strong believers in very short production chains, L’Erbolario phytocosmetics arrive directly from the producer to the Herbalist and Chemist, without the various distributors, dealers, wholesalers, resellers! We have also decided not to outsource any processing phases to third countries: an important aspect in further reducing the environmental impact of our products. And we have made our production chain even shorter: we have set up an advanced Extract Research Laboratory, where the extraction of our active ingredients is carried out starting with strictly selected plant species, without the use of chemical solvents, but only glycerine and plant oils. Indeed, we could say from the plant to the jar or bottle!
  • Vegan recipes – Our very well-known “MercoledìVeg” initiative (and the tasty and highly appreciated recipes available on our site), promoted in collaboration with the LAV (Lega Anti Vivisezione – Anti-Vivisection Society) aims to prove how, by avoiding animal-derived foods even just one day a week, we can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the use of water resources.
  • No to waste! – We have eliminated the information leaflets of our products and have chosen to print the text on the inside of the packaging.
  • “Respectful” paper and packaging – For all paper and paperboard items, we only use FSC® certified paper, thereby helping support the correct and responsible management of forest resources. We also prefer, wherever possible, to choose recycled materials, which, in turn, are recyclable.
  • Commodities are also “recycled and recyclable”! – Our paper bags are manufactured with 80% recycled paper and are decorated exclusively


14 simple green tips for a green footprint


Consuma il necessario e l’ecologico!

Consume the bare essentials and make sure it’s ecological!

Use products with reduced environmental impact, use only the strictly necessary amount and choose the ones that last longer (don’t forget, whatever is left over is waste!)!

Più vegetali e meno animali!

More plants and less animals!

Aim for a diet based on fruits and vegetables, reducing your consumption of meat. With just a few solutions we can reduce our weight and greenhouse gas emissions!

Se esci spegni tutto!

Turn everything off when you leave the house!

Electronic appliances don’t need to stay on standby when they are not being used! Save in the workplace too: set your computer screen to switch off after 2-5 minutes of inactivity.

Un controllo che vale un risparmio!

A check that saves money!

Correctly and periodically performing maintenance on household appliances and systems offers a high level of safety and efficiency and also means saving on bills!

Ricarichiamoci ricaricando!Let’s recharge ourselves by recharging!

If you absolutely have to use batteries, use rechargeable ones that can be re-used several times. Let’s dispose of as little as possible!

Libera il calore!

Release heat!

Use hand-made draft-stoppers, avoid covering radiators with curtains and other impediments to allow the maximum amount of heat to circulate.

Ratatouille sì… ma con coscienza!

Ratatouille is fine…but be aware!

Choose a pot that is proportionate to the size of the burner, cover it with a lid while cooking and lower the flame when it starts to boil. For smaller portions, choose an electric oven instead of a traditional oven; if this is not possible, only turn the oven on when strictly necessary without overly pre-heating it, and remember to turn it off just before cooking is complete to exploit the residual heat.

Tutti in bici o sul bus!!!!

Bike, bike, bike!

Don’t use the car for short distances: choose public transport or, at most, car share with people who take the same route.

Ricicla! Ricicla! Ricicla!

Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

By correctly disposing of waste, you are giving new life to the things that you throw away!

Non essere una massaia esausta:

Don’t be someone who has used up all their energy!

Don’t pour used oil down the kitchen sink, rather, take it to a specific collection centre! A single kilo of oil can pollute up to 1,000 cubic metres of water!

Laviamoci senza spreco!

Wash without waste!

Avoid keeping the taps running unnecessarily, turn them off while lathering up or brushing your teeth. The amounts of time that we use water are increasingly longer, and cause the waste of litres and litres of water.

Infrangi il consumo col frangigetto!

Reduce consumption with tap aerators!

It is an excellent idea to fix these devices to your taps: they mix air with water, thereby reducing consumption by up to 50%.

Premia chi non “abbatte”!Reward companies that do not “cut down trees”!

Purchase products with simple, low impact, recyclable or easily recyclable (such as single-material) packaging.

“Zucche e Meloni hanno le loro stagioni!”

“Pumpkins and melons have their own seasons!”

Less meat and more seasonal fruits and vegetables guarantee more, natural products and fight intensive farming and mono-cropping, the main culprits for impoverished soil, and soil and water pollution due to the excessive use of fertilisers and phytopharmaceuticals.