Congratulations Mr Bergamaschi…or better still, Captain!!



We are happy to announce that the founder of L’Erbolario, Mr Bergamaschi, , has been awarded with the prestigious prize Captains of the year 2016, an event founded over twenty years ago – from an idea of the journalist Fabio Raffaelli with the support of Consultinvest – with the intention of rewarding the most dynamic and healthy business realities in our country.


Dr. Bergamaschi has been given the prize for creating a company that, starting from a small artisan herbal activity, is now present in 5,500 herbal stores, pharmacies and parapharmacies in Italy and successfully exporting to 45 Countries around the world.


“Each of our event,” said Fabio Raffaelli, “speaks to the great majority of the entrepreneurs. An award to the  individual courage even before the financial statements, a public ‘thank you’ to all those entrepreneurs who every day risk their own, offering jobs and developing technological innovation. ”
We just have to congratulate to  the Mister, indeed, to the Captain of L’Erbolario!