Shower gel

With Extract of Linden
Size:250 ml

The perfume of Linden flowers heralding the arrival of the summer, is enveloping and unmistakable. Equally pleasant is the sensation provided by the perfumed foam of this product, when it meets your skin under the cascade of the shower or in your bath water: the green character of the Ombra di Tiglio fragrance induces an immediate sense relaxation in your spirit, while the excellent plant-derived ingredients of the formula take care of your skin. From the start, Extract of Linden Flowers and Distilled Linden Water soften your skin and offer a valid antioxidant affect, while the surface activated Amino Acids of Wheat and Hydrolysed Sweet Almond protein create an action that is equally cleansing and gentle, naturally preserving the moisturisation and softness of your skin tissues.

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