Body Cream Papavero Soave – minitaglia 30 ml

With Poppy extracts
Size:30 ml

The Poppy Scented Cream is formulated so that your skin can receive the crucial benefits of toning, elasticising and nourishing substances every time you apply the product. Its soft texture and remarkable substances such as Babassu Oil, the Hydrolysed plant protein complex and the Unsaponifiable Fraction of Olive Oil work alongside the active substances obtained from scarlet and sweet poppies. Specifically, Poppy Oil, rich in fatty acids, leaves skin firm and supple; the oily extract of Poppy petals releases soothing and restorative properties; the fluid extracts of Poppy seeds and petals, lastly, provide an anti-oxidant and protective effect against the risk of premature skin ageing and the first, unsightly signs of sagging.

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