Body Cream 3Rosa – travel-size 30 ml

with extracts of Pale Rose, Peruvian Pepper and Hollyhock
Size:30 ml

A gentle massage over the skin of the entire body with this sensual cream immediately shows a graceful femininity, expressed when its pink and precious fragrance touches the skin, revealing its three fascinating personalities, enveloping, refined, but also absolutely stimulating, thanks to the presence of the enchanting Peruvian Pepper. The l’Erbolario Laboratories have obtained the hydroglyceric Extract from its berries, which are combined here with those of the Pale Rose and the Hollyhock – including in liposoluble form – to cover the skin with their firming, protective and antioxidant powers. They are combined with other precious plant substances, such as Babassu Oil, Camellia Oil and the unsaponifiable Fraction of Olive Oil, with their powerful soothing and sebum-restoring properties, ideal for preventing unsightly skin sagging. Vitamin E from Soya seeds and
Sugar Beet Trimethylglycine are also present to moisturise and protect the skin and keep it firm. After this massage, all that remains is to caress the skin and feel its rosy softness.

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