Face Cream

With extract of Argan Leaves More Radiant More Compact
Size:50 ml

The entire calibrated formula of this rich face cream is based on Argan Oil (an ingredient bursting with active ingredients such as tocopherols, polyphenols and Omega-6 fatty acids), and in addition to being particularly suited for treating toneless, dull skin, it is also recommended for maintaining long-lasting toned, youthful skin with defined features. In fact, the golden oil is used here to fully offer its well-known super-compacting and nourishing virtues and also provide its very special dynamising capacities: it thereby effectively counters the signs of passing time and the onset of the first, unsightly signs of sagging. Also, extract of Argan Leaves, with its antioxidant power, fights the formation of free radicals, the polysaccharides of Sweet Siliqua lay an invisible protective film on your skin, while the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) maintains the skin’s optimal level of hydration. Effectively supported against the passing of time, your crucial facial skin will feel protected against unpleasant chapping and dryness, and will experience renewed elasticity, vitality and freshness every day.

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