Triple Action Face Cream for normal and dry skin

Anti-age treatment With low, medium and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and with Alpine Rhododendron Stem Cells
Size:50 ml

Hyaluronic Acid orchestrates this fresh and very appealing formulation and, in this product, performs its three-fold, crucial action:

– moisturising and toning, ensuring that your skin always gets enough water;
– smoothing and minimising the signs of time, limiting evaporation which deprives skin of moisture and exposes it to the risk of unsightly wrinkles, expression lines and creases;
– making skin more compact and firm, assisting the physiological production of Collagen, the protein of “youth” which protects the density and freshness of skin tissues.

The final touch is provided by two innovative ingredients: Alpine Rhododendron stem cells, which “teach” your skin to tolerate environmental stress and also protect it from the aggressive action of wind, sun and cold, and extract of Epilobium, which is an excellent normalising and skin-purifying ingredient which helps clear combination skin of the impurities and shine that affect it and make it dull.

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