Superactive Body Cream

Day and Night with Intensive Action
Size:200 ml

An enhanced cosmetic treatment against the skin imperfections of cellulite

Targeted effectiveness from: Pineapple, Horse Chestnut Seeds, Ash Bark, Coleus, Green Coffee, Blackcurrant

Ananas Cell Cream is bursting with active ingredients that provide an intensive action to speed up and boost its effects; it is therefore considered the perfect instrument in fighting and reducing very visible skin imperfections caused by cellulite, from “orange peel” skin to “dimples”, from greyish colouring to the lack of tone. The pool of functional substances that it is comprised of ensures a toning, firming and elasticising effect on skin tissues. The formula contains extracts of Pineapple stem, Ash bark and Horse Chestnut seed (the last is titrated at 16% in Aescin, the active ingredient that provides a positive effect on skin micro-circulation and liquid retention), providing significant exfoliating, draining and anti-collagenase actions and working towards achieving smooth skin on legs, arms, tummy and gluteus; Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Carnitine, Coffee Oil and extract of Coleus (titrated at 80% in Lipolytic Forskolin) join forces to strengthen the crucial mechanisms of the physiological fat mobilisation process, thereby helping your figure eliminate undesirable deposits and irregularities; lastly, Blackcurrant oil and Vitamin E keep your skin supple and well-nourished, making it fresher and more compact.

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