Triple action Face Cream – Recompacting Treatment anti-age night cream

With low, medium and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and with extract of Echinacea
Size:50 ml

As night falls, it’s not just a dream to restore tone and beauty to your face. While your skin enjoys a peaceful rest, this recipe exploits the dynamic Hyaluronic Acid molecule, the cosmetic ingredient designated to provide large amounts of water and therefore offer an appreciable moisturising action. Active three times over in this innovative formula, in low, medium and high molecular weights, Hyaluronic Acid provides benefits that embrace a full three levels of the skin. With a high molecular weight, this precious ingredient creates a protective film on the skin surface limiting the loss of humidity and the risk of dryness, which would otherwise trigger the onset of sagging and expression lines. Hyaluronic Acid with a medium molecular weight has the specific task of increasing and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier function, while the task of low molecular weight is to promote the physiological production of Collagen, the protein which determines tissue compactness. While the hours slowly tick by through the night, your skin takes advantage of the anti-age and protective action of the anti-oxidant extract of Echinacea, which is also an activator of natural Hyaluronic Acid production, and the anti-dehydrating effect of stem cells obtained from Alpine Rhododendron leaves. Lastly, the Oils of Hibiscus, Olive, Babassu and Sunflower prepare your skin for a re-awakening in terms of compactness, freshness and velvety softness. A good morning starts with relaxed and bright facial features, where wrinkles and lines are visibly reduced, skin is now truly ready to receive the effectiveness of other products in the line and live a day full of splendour.

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