Face Cream – Intensive anti-age treatment for mature skin

With Stem Cells from Argan sprouts
Size:50 ml

It truly is a Golden Oil, not only because of its golden colour, but mainly for the exceptional properties of its precious and powerful qualities: Argan Oil, with its excellent protective, replenishing and anti-age properties is obtained from the kernels of the long-living Argania spinosa, which fights the slow advancement of the scorching Sahara desert with tenacity. An ingredient which is also distinguished by its extraordinary ability as a skin toner, namely an activator of cell vitality. On top of these highly effective properties, L’Erbolario phytocosmetic laboratories have added those of other advanced, select ingredients obtained from this proud tree, to offer mature skin a treatment that effectively protects and preserves its natural compactness and ensures the possibility of maintaining a long-lasting radiant appearance. Stem Cells from Argan buds are used here to provide the utmost of their capacity to physiologically reawaken skin stem cells, which represent a fundamental support for the skin’s structure. By banishing the formation of free radicals, your skin rediscovers its natural smoothness. The Argan kernel protein fraction has the function of smoothing your features with a natural firming effect, while extract of Argan leaves, characterised by a rich team of flavonoids, protects Collagen fibres and improves your skin’s integrity. To fight the onset of premature ageing, Vitamin E obtained from Soy also provides an excellent antioxidant action boosted by Shea Butter, which is well known for its nourishing and elasticising action. Even skin that is no longer youthful will benefit from the infinite sensation of comfort and the pleasure of becoming smoother, more toned and featuring a more youthful and supple appearance.

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