Repairing serum for intensive hair treatment

With Amino Acids of Royal Jelly and Babassu Oil To prevent and reduce the formation of split ends
Size:30 ml

To not only prevent but also limit the formation of split ends, it is always advisable to protect the most damaged parts of your hair. However, with dry and brittle hair it is essential to provide a very generous amount of essential nutrients to reinforce the strength of split ends as much as possible. This specific serum for dry and damaged hair contains the liposoluble Extract of Royal Jelly, an exclusive component developed by L’Erbolario Research with excellent restructuring qualities which is also able to provide your hair with more softness and make it easy to comb. The Babassu, Inca Inchi and Olive Oil content is also crucial, as it provides an emollient and nourishing action, helping seal damaged ends: the hair surface goes back to being smooth and silky and, as a result, your hair appears truly soft and radiant.

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