L’Erbolario Roll On Deo For Men

Deodorant with extracts of Baobab and Green Coffee EFFECTIVE AND PROTECTIVE SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN
Size:50 ml

For Men, every day, the key word is safety. In particular, being able to face the day knowing that you can keep your personal freshness under control, even after hours of work. To fulfil this need, L’Erbolario Research has identified and used specific ingredients that are effectively capable of preventing and limiting the effect of the bacteria responsible for unpleasant odours. It therefore developed a team of truly innovative functional substances that are able to offer a specific deodorising action: namely, Triethyl citrate from biotechnology obtained from Corn, and Shikimic Acid obtained from Star aniseed, together with Zinc ricinoleate, with its absorbent function, and from Tannic acid, obtained from Oak, and Chestnut, slightly astringent. Topping off the formula is antioxidant Vitamin E, which guarantees a hygienic-odourant action and is, in turn, combined with the excellent properties of extract of the fruit and Oil of Baobab: together with the fluid extract of Coffee, they provide the delicate underarm skin with significant moisturisation, energy and tone. All-round wellness, extremely gentle and long-lasting freshness. L’Erbolario Roll-on Deo For Him does not, in fact, contain Aluminium salts or Alcohol and is subject to strict testing to monitor the content of 7 metals (Nickel, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Antimony and Chromium) with the aim of minimising the risks of allergy and protecting even the most sensitive skin.

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